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According to Marca newspaper in Spain, Cristiano Ronaldo’s attitude seems to have undergone a significant transformation. After achieving record-breaking milestones in terms of goals and number of caps with the Portuguese team, he appears to have become more humble and grounded. The report suggests that he has adopted a more realistic assessment of himself and is now enjoying what he has instead of constantly striving for bigger goals and records. This is a marked departure from his mindset just a couple of years ago. Ronaldo is set to turn 39 in February 2024.

Cristiano Ronaldo has done it again! With his impressive performance in the recent match against Slovakia, he was able to score two crucial goals that ultimately helped secure Portugal’s chance at competing in the EURO 2024 finals. Not only that, but these goals also marked a significant milestone for Ronaldo as he achieved a total of 125 goals in 202 games for the Portuguese team. Truly astounding!

At present, there are only a handful of football players who have scored a significant number of goals for their respective national teams. The list includes some big names like Messi, who has scored 104 goals for Argentina, Sunil Chhetri with 93 goals for India, Lewandowski with 81 goals for Poland, Ali Mabkhout with 80 goals for UAE, Lukaku with 78 goals for Belgium, and Neymar with 77 goals for Brazil. These players are still actively playing for their teams and have the potential to catch up with Cristiano Ronaldo’s record-breaking goal tally for their national sides.

As per the statistics shared by Marca, the Portuguese team has scored a total of goals where 72 were nets by Cristiano Ronaldo after he turned 30. This makes him one of the top 20 scorers in world football.

There are several goals that not even the best players have accomplished during their time playing for the team. For example, Luis Suarez scored 68 goals, Didier Drogba scored 65 goals, Ronaldo Nazario scored 62 goals, and Harry Kane only scored 55 goals.

As of now, Cristiano Ronaldo is only 43 goals shy of achieving the phenomenal feat of 900 career goals. This includes his impressive scoring records for both clubs and countries, with a current total of 857 goals under his belt.

When questioned about his target of scoring 1,000 goals, Cristiano Ronaldo responded by saying that it would be a challenging feat to achieve. However, he remains optimistic and hopeful, stating that he is currently in good physical and mental shape. Moreover, he expressed his pleasure in playing for both his club and team.

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