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In this article, AZLifeMastery invites you to learn about the training and eating regimen of the world’s top player Cristiano Ronaldo .

The soccer player broke all world soccer records and he was also the first soccer player to own $1 billion in assets.

Up to now, every match he plays, every goal he scores will be recorded and legendary, in the records, but that did not happen by chance, it was an iron will and spirit. Discipline in training as well as feeling every breath, every step, every day! 2021 – You are already a Legend .

Ronaldo broke the legendary Platini record

His record of scoring 9 goals in EURO history was yesterday surpassed by Portuguese superstar Ronaldo. Although Portugal became the former king, Ronaldo achieved the personal record of scoring the most goals in Euro, surpassing Plaitini’s and this will probably be a milestone that it will be difficult for any player in the future to surpass.

Ronaldo broke legendary record Pele

Ronaldo broke legendary record Pele

Ronaldo scored a hat-trick for Juventus in a 3-1 victory in round 27 of Serie A against host Cagliari to bring his total number of goals to 770 goals. The 36-year-old Portuguese superstar took to his Instagram account to tell his 270 million followers that he can now claim the record, compared to Pele’s 767.

star This Portuguese is not only known as the best soccer player in the world who always has eye-poppingly beautiful shots that make everyone admire him, he can excel in expressing himself. across clubs from Portugal to Italy and wherever he went, he was always the same.

Sing Trichhhh – Double Dup – Sing Trichhhh then double dupppppp…. Just like that at the age of 36

“Ronaldo will score goals all his life. He will score goals until he is 75 years old. Ronaldo may have retired then, but he will sit at a barbecue, play a game and score again,” Guardiola told Sky Sports on November 5. “Those types of players, like him and Lionel Messi, what they have done in the last decade for world football is score, score and score to help their team win. The statistics speak for themselves.”

He added: “It’s good for the Premier League to welcome Ronaldo back. Man Utd belongs to Ronaldo and he belongs to Man Utd. Both sides are in harmony with each other. That happened in the past. Perhaps it will be the present and the future. Let’s see”.

In the Portuguese team shirt, Ronaldo was honored by the Portuguese Football Federation as the best Portuguese player of all time in 2015.

Cristiano Ronaldo's Exercise Diet To Become The World's Top 1 "Goal Machine"Cristiano Ronaldo’s Exercise Diet To Become The World’s Top 1 “Scoring Machine”

Not only is Ronaldo a football player, he is also a person with a beautiful body and is always the focus of fashion brands as well as beauty products for men.

In addition, Cristiano Ronaldo is also a star on social platforms such as YouTube, Instagram or Facebook with a number of followers reaching hundreds of millions of people.

These things show us that this is a really influential person, a really wonderful person but the question we ask is how did he become like that?

In this article, we invite you to learn an overview of his life and the underlying root cause: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Exercise Diet – the way he shows off every day, the way he trains to become became a “notorious scoring machine” on every field in the world.

Ronaldo holds 9 Guinness World Records Overview of Ronaldo’s life: Ronaldo almost wasn’t born because his family was poor: A Doctor Saved Ronaldo: A poor childhood and being teased by friends Journey to Reach Stars at 12 Years Old: Ronaldo – Train Hard to Become the World’s Top Star See firsthand the process of Ronaldo working hard to become talented: Extraordinary strength that is difficult for anyone to compare Training schedule details: Cristiano Ronaldo warms up his legs regularly Cristiano Ronaldo does quick leg exercises Part three: Perfecting the power of movement Cristiano Ronaldo’s 5-day training plan Second: Strength training Tuesday: Rest Wednesday: Strength training Thursday: Quad and Cardio Saturday: Rest Sunday: Cardio exercise Video Overview of Ronaldo’s Training Method: Ronaldo’s diet makes everyone pale: Ronaldo’s 3 main meal menu Ronaldo energizes with small snacks: Details of Cristiano Ronaldo’s diet plan Breakfast Snack number 1 Lunch Snack number 2 Dinner Tráng miệngSinh hoạt và tập luyện ở tuổi 34 thế nào?Tuổi 35 Ronaldo tiếp tục khoe thân hình vạm vỡ, không chút mỡ thừa:Một số nhận xét về RonaldoNghị Lực Chúng Ta Cảm Nhận Được Từ Cristiano Ronaldo:

Ronaldo holds 9 Guinness World Records

Ronaldo scored a double header in the last six minutes to help Portugal beat Ireland 2-1 in Group A of the 2022 World Cup qualifying round in Europe. These two goals helped Ronaldo break Ali Daei’s old record of 109 goals for the Iranian team in the period 1993-2006.

In addition to this achievement, Ronaldo also holds nine other Guinness World Records, including Player with the most goals in the Champions League (134 goals), Player with the most goals in a Champions League season (17 goals), Footballer with the most goals in a Champions League season (17 goals). scored the most goals in Euro qualifying and finals (23 goals), Highest rated player in FIFA 18 game (99%), Most followed athlete on Twitter, Most followed athlete on Instagram , Most followed account on Instagram, male athlete with most viewed Wikipedia page, and most liked athlete on Facebook.

At this time, Ronaldo also holds the record for the player who scores the most goals at the club and national team levels. At club level, he scored 674 goals in 897 matches. With the Portuguese team, the 36-year-old superstar scored 111 goals in 180 matches, since 2003. That means Ronaldo also holds the record for scoring the most goals in football history, with 785 goals.

Overview of Ronaldo’s life:

Ronaldo almost wasn’t born because his family was poor:

Money, fame and recognition, all of which Ronaldo has enough at the age of 32. However, few people know how CR7 experienced a miserable and deprived childhood.

Ronaldo’s magical 2016/17 season At the age of 32, CR7 is still enjoying the most sublime moments of his football career.

Currently, Cristiano Ronaldo is earning a salary of 365,000 pounds/week. He has a luxury apartment worth $18.5 million in the luxurious Trump Tower and several other villas throughout Europe.

Cristiano Ronaldo is receiving a salary of 365,000 pounds/weekCristiano Ronaldo is receiving a salary of 365,000 pounds/week in 2017

On social networks, the Portuguese player is followed by 270 million people, mentioning and admiring him every day. Considering his talent and personality, Ronaldo of course deserves it.

However, the path to that peak of glory was not easy, CR7 had to spend his youth years living in poverty and pressure. Even his mother, Dolores Aveiro, tried to prevent him from being born.

A Doctor Saved Ronaldo:

One day in mid-1984, Dolores suddenly noticed unusual changes in her body. The experience of three previous births helps the young woman know what is happening.

Another mouth to feed means that the family will have to starve for many more meals, and the shabby house in the Funchal area will never be repaired. Finally, Mrs. Dolores made the decision to abort the baby in her womb, who would later become Cristiano Ronaldo.

In her autobiography published in July 2014, Dolores recounted how she went to a local clinic and asked the doctor to help fulfill her wishes. Believing in God’s advice that every baby is a blessing, the good doctor refused Dolores’s request.

Stumbling home but not giving up, the young woman continued to follow a method suggested by her neighbors. She drank hot beer and danced for many hours to damage the fetus in her womb. This time, Dolores still failed.


In tears, the mother decided to give birth to a fourth child. On February 5, 1985, a beautiful boy was born named “Ronaldo” after US President Ronald Reagan. Fate allowed Ronaldo to live and he turned his life into the dream of millions of others.

Newly released moments of Ronaldo at the age of 16 When he was a young talent at the age of 16 for Sporting Lisbon, Ronaldo partly demonstrated the qualities of a top world star.

To learn more about how Ronaldo achieved great success, read:

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A poor childhood and being teased by friends

The birth of Ronaldo makes the Aveiro family’s financial situation even more difficult. His father, Mr. Jose Denis, in addition to working as a gardener, had to work as a cleaner at a number of local establishments to earn extra income. However, things are still very bleak.

At that time, Ronaldo only knew how to find joy with the ball. He really hates going to school. “I have no interest in going to school. In the end, I was expelled from school for throwing a chair at the teacher.” Ronaldo recounted in a statement to The Mirror.

Realizing her son’s football qualities, Dolores convinced her husband to take him to the local soccer team Andorinha. The new environment is not easy for Ronaldo.

A poor childhood and being teased by friends

He was laughed at and ridiculed by everyone because of his father’s difficult circumstances, cleaning job, and alcoholism. Some malicious rumors even fabricated that his mother was a woman at a brothel.

Every time that happens, Ronaldo cries. As told by Ricardo Santos in Goal, who played with CR7 at Andorinha: “I remember him as a shy kid. When he couldn’t pass the ball, he cried.

When his teammates teased him, he also cried. Cristiano wants to win. When that didn’t happen, he shed tears again.”

Here, Ronaldo continued to show his genius qualities. Former Nacional youth team coach at that time, Mr. Pedro Talinhas described Ronaldo as “a fast player, good at playing with both feet and especially very technical”.

And it was those tears that made Ronaldo work harder. He stayed later than everyone else to shoot a few more shots or try a new move. Day after day passed, Ronaldo became the number 1 star at Andorinha. At the age of 10, Ronaldo caught the eye of the region’s biggest club, Nacional.

Constantly moving forward, Ronaldo became captain of the youth team at the age of 11 and playedaongside people born a few years before him.

Journey to Reach Stars at 12 Years Old:

At the age of 12, Ronaldo’s life changed again. He decided to leave his family to go to the capital Lisbon to practice.

Here, Ronaldo’s thick Madeira accent made him feel out of place and often became the center of ridicule. Therefore, Ronaldo decided to drop out of school and focus entirely on one goal, which is football.

Trên sân tập của đội trẻ Sporting Lisbon, không một ai tập luyện cần mẫn như chàng trai mảnh khảnh Ronaldo.

Người đồng đội của anh, thủ môn Christopher Pilar sau này kể lại: “Khi ấy, học viện có một vài cầu thủ rất tài năng. Thế nhưng, Ronaldo là cái tên khác biệt nhất bởi những gì cậu ấy thể hiện trước và sau mỗi buổi tập. Khi tất cả đã về hết, cậu luôn ở lại tập thêm nửa giờ những kỹ năng mà cậu cảm thấy chưa thành thục”.

Ronaldo has performed hundreds of thousands of seemingly basic movements and now, fans are fascinated to see how he passes people, turns the ball, jumps higher than everyone and finally finishes. points to score.

Sporting Lisbon youth team

The late Sporting coach Osvaldo Silva once compared the Portuguese superstar to being as precious as a “daond”. However, that daond would not be able to shine brightly later without thousands of hours of honing on the football field, countless drops of sweat, blood and tears of endurance.

To know the importance of hard work and effort in football, look at the story of Ronaldo and Quaresma – two close and very talented friends.

In the summer of 2003, both left their homeland to join European giants. Ronaldo moved to the industrial city of Manchester, he kept trying and became one of the best number 7s on the Red Devils after only 6 years of playing football.

Ronaldo and Quaresma

In their twenties, they were considered the two brightest stars of Sporting Lisbon. Quaresma, 2 years older, was even noticed for his maturity and the abundance of goals he scored at that time.

As for Quaresma, he joined Barca. In Spain, the rigors of La Liga require much greater effort than when at Sporting. However, Quaresma, a son of the capital, who lived well since childhood and played football with inspiration, could not adapt.

Due to his stubborn nature, he refused to play football under Frank Rijkaard. Then, Quaresma was pushed away, wandering through many teams but could not reach the star level.

Starting from a lower starting point, with effort, Ronaldo overcame all difficulties to surpass his long-time best friend. For that reason, millions of CR7 fans not only because of his talent on the field but also because of his spirit of overcoming difficulties.

Up to now, no one dares to compare “Golden Trash” Quaresma with Ronaldo. A person who has won 4 Golden Balls and more than 20 big and small titles

“All the kids here (Madeira – Ronaldo’s hometown) dream of becoming Ronaldo. All without leaving anyone. However, there will never be a second Ronaldo. There is only one Ronaldo forever.” A sports worker in Madeira named Rui spoke to Goal newspaper.

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Katy Perry's Maternity Style Is Off to an Exuberant Start | Vogue

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Katy Perry's Maternity Style Is Off To An Exuberant Start Vogue |

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Katy Perry : à quoi va ressembler la chambre de sa fille - Elle

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