Sat. Feb 17th, 2024

None other than Cristiano Ronaldo helped Al Nassr recently achieve an unprecedented feat on the social networking site Instagram.

Al Nassr Achieves Unprecedented Milestone Thanks to Ronaldo 1

Cristiano Ronaldo’s arrival at Al Nassr has increased the number of followers of the official Instagram account of the team in the Saudi Arabian National Championship (Saudi Pro League). From having only 700,000 followers, that number has now skyrocketed to 19.8 million. According to the latest statistical results from the Football Benchmark website, Al Nassr has achieved an unprecedented feat by surpassing a series of giants such as MU, Bayern Munich, Arsenal or Juventus to appear in the list of 10 clubs. has the most interactions in the world.

Al Nassr Achieves Unprecedented Milestone Thanks to Ronaldo 2

Specifically, Al Nassr ranked 10th when recording 272 million interactions in recent times. Leading this list include Real Madrid (1,640 billion interactions), Barcelona (1,297) and PSG (615 million). In terms of engagement per post, Al Nassr did even better. Statistics show that there have been an average of 316,000 interactions on each Instagram post of Al Nassr in recent times. Thanks to that, Al Nassr rose to 4th place in the Top 10 teams with the best interaction level per post, only behind Real Madrid (486,000), Barcelona (442,000) and PSG (372,000).

Al Nassr Achieves Unprecedented Milestone Thanks to Ronaldo 3

It is also worth mentioning that Portuguese star Ronaldo previously set a new record on the social networking site Instagram. Specifically, Ronaldo has reached 600 million followers on Instagram, and has become the most followed person in the world on this social networking site. Through this, Ronaldo helped Al Nassr create a breakthrough on Instagram.

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